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Hartford Symphony Orchestra (April 2018)

"The Hartford Symphony Orchestra performed admirably Friday night despite a last-minute change in conductor, when Laura Jackson, music director of the Reno Philharmonic, had to cancel because of illness. The HSO's Assistant Conductor Adam Boyles stepped in, skillfully partnering the orchestra for an exciting romp. 


Bax performed with vigor and passion, convincingly executing both the work's bombastic gestures and more subtle lyrical lines. His captivating performance was complemented well by the ensemble's successful navigation of the work's rhythmic drive and vivid colors. The piece features several rousing climaxes and when it finally concluded, the performers received a standing ovation. 


Each edition of the Masterworks concerts typically includes a pre-concert talk one hour before the show. Boyles, who was joined briefly by the evening's soloist, did an excellent job filling this role as well. If you are able to come early for the talk, it is highly recommended. Experienced music aficionados and newcomers alike will learn from — and enjoy — Boyles's insightful discussion of the music on the program."

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Hartford Symphony Orchestra (June 2017)

"Boyles organized and led an impressive event. His leadership was energetic and vibrant and his musical ideas came across with clarity and insight. The final song was a triumphal moment for chorus and orchestra that ended the season in a blaze of glory. Folks liked Boyles, both his musicianship and his charismatic personality, and were bubbling about how much they enjoyed this varied and unusual program.

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OnSite Opera (June 2015)

“Conductor Adam Kerry Boyles led the small chamber orchestra with brio.

They played the hell out of Paisiello’s effervescent score…”

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Grand Harmonie (May 2013)

“Mr. Boyles drew some delicate, gauzy colors from the orchestra at the start of Weber’s Clarinet Concerto No. 1...[On Mendelssohn Symphony no. 3] The whole orchestra rose to the challenge of this irresistible work, playing with alert lyricism in the Adagio and offering, especially from the brasses and winds, an attractively meaty tone in the finale.”

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Brookline Symphony Orchestra (March 2013)

“The evening’s closer, Mendelssohn’s Third […], made the clearest case for conductor Adam Boyles’s talent. It was obvious he has a great set of ears and a good head for the music. He was very attentive to the orchestra, moving his focus from section to section as the music advanced, trying to get the most out of Mendelssohn’s orchestration and the players were responsive. Boyles gave an excited talk before the symphony, discussing its history and outlining his enthusiasm for the piece."

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Brookline Symphony Orchestra (May 2012) 

“Boyles’s sensitive touch in guiding the orchestra through the shifting currents of Nielsen’s score — deceptively simple figures overlapping, aligning, and resolving into unexpected harmonies — was constantly apparent.”

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Boston Opera Collaborative (March 2012)

“The […] orchestra acquitted itself well in the complex writing and constantly changing tempos of the opera. Conductor Adam Boyles controlled the flow and the pacing well, and kept orchestra and stage in sync.”

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MIT Symphony Orchestra (March 2010)

“Under the patient, yet exuberant direction of Boyles, MITSO vividly recreated Shadle’s musical vision…”

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Boston Opera Collaborative (November 2009)

“The orchestra, led by Adam Kerry Boyles, played with precision and cohesion, supporting and enhancing the singers’ performances.”

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Manhattan School of Music Orchestra (April 2004)

“Mr. Boyles delivers an ebullient account of Ruy Blas [Mendelssohn]”

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